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ASUS X59S Laptop CPU Fan

Look at the entire keyboard, concise points island-style keyboard provides more comfort and solid typing feel. The oversize trackpad while providing more room for touch, found the high accuracy of the touchpad, feel good in our experience. At the same time, the keyboard with spill-resistant features, to a certain extent to protect the internal originals from damage.
Interface part, X59S BU400 somewhat different, of course, not just a different layout, interface type some not. Such as USB interface part, BU400 has three USB3.0 high-speed interface, and in X59S who we found only a UBS3.0 interface, two USB2.0. In addition, X59S other interface configuration is basically the same with BU400 equipped with projection show used VGA video output port, HDMI interface equipped with.
In simple terms, the ASUS X59S CPU Fan basically recognized as the BU400 the large version, both roughly the same, at least in appearance. Of course, between the two, or there are some differences that volume, 15-inch X59S cooling performance theory than BU400 good on some, but portability than the latter difference a few. Luckily, both relatively thin design, the portable is nothing more than an apple a pear differences Private Eyes.
Appearance decent and generous most thin and light

notebook HP Compaq XW8200
The affordable HP COMPAQ

646578-001 business notebook
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  • Location: Berlin, CT
  • Posted: January 17, 2013
  • Contact: ASUS X59S Laptop CPU Fan
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