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Replacement for GATEWAY NV55C Laptop Motherboard

The LPT interface (parallel): generally used to connect to the printer or scanner. The default interrupt number is IRQ7, DB-25 joint by 25 feet. There are three main types ofparallel working mode: mode 1, SPP standard. The SPP data is semi duplex one-way transmission, transmission rate is slow, only 15Kbps, but is widely used, usually set as default mode. 2, EPP enhanced mode. EPP uses two-way half duplex data transmission, its transmission rate, higher than SPP up to 2Mbps, there are manyperipherals using this mode. 3, ECP expansion mode. ECP uses bidirectional full duplex data transmission, the transmission rate than EPP higher, but not much supportequipment. Printer and scanner using the LPT interface has basically little, for theprinter and scanner using the USB interface  Replacement for GATEWAY NV55C Laptop Motherboard
SATA interface: SATA is the abbreviation of Serial Advanced Technology Attachment(serial advanced technology attachment, a serial hardware driver interface standard),is the hard disk interface standard put forward by Intel, IBM, Dell, APT, Maxtor and Seagate, in IDF Fall 2001, Seagate announced Serial ATA 1 standard, formallyannounced the establishment of SATA specification. The SATA specification willexternal hard disk transfer rate theory value increased to 150MB/s, 50% higher than the PATA standard ATA/100, ATA/133 is higher than about 13%, with the development of future versions of the rate of the SATA interface, but also can be extended to 2Xand 4X (300MB/s and 600MB/s). From the development plan, the future will be through the promotion of SATA clock frequency to improve the interface transmission rate, the hard drive is also able to overclock  Replacement for ACER Aspire 5742Z Laptop Motherboard
The BTX motherboard is improved ATX motherboard, it uses narrow (Low-profile)design, the component layout more compact. According to the motion characteristics of airflow inside and outside the chassis, the motherboard engineers on board layout is optimized, so that the computer radiation performance and higher efficiency, less noise, installation and disassembly is more convenient.Replacement for ACER Aspire 5742ZG Laptop Motherboard
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