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Salomon Hiking Backpack Pack 40

This is a used Salomon Hiking Backpack Pack 40. This backpack has an internal frame and is super comfortable even with heavy loads. I tried to wash the bag to get gum a friend dropped on the strap out and didn't realize that the bag had waterproofing sprayed. Hence after the wash the waterproofing layer started to rubbed off…. Anyway, I received a new Osprey as a present and am looking to sell this one. There are still traces of gum residue, which can probably be removed with "goo gone" if it really bothers you or you can shorten the strap length, either way will work. Also the waterproofing that was on the bag is starting to rub off - if this bothers you, you can rub off all of the waterproofing and the bag will look evenly black and new underneath. I figured it might be good to have some waterproofing over none so I didn't rub it off.

Overall this is a great pack with lots of life left in it and very nice design. It comes with a built in rain waterproof cover as well as an internal frame covered in mesh for ventilation as well as plenty of pockets and side pockets to store your gear.

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