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Sony Playstation 3 Slim, 320GB, Motion controller, Camera

The PlayStation is in perfect condition, literally. No scratches, never moved it around since taking it out of the box. Comes with 6 games that are also in perfect condition,no scratches and with all the booklets that come with them.

The PS3 comes with:

1. Motion controller wand for movement games
2. Camera webcam to place on top of TV for movement games
3. 6 games in perfect condition with booklets - NBA 2K12, NBA 2K14, Sims 3, Sports Champions, Little BIG Planet 2, and Michael Jackson Experience
4. All cables and controller that came with the PS3 (I have one other controller that is a bit defected -- random buttons will trigger on their own, will include if you want)
5. Original box and packaging for PS3 and games.

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