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The Craft and Art of Clay by Susan Peterson

"The Craft and Art of Clay", written by the well-known ceramist Susan Peterson, combines an inspired, artistic perspective with clearly illustrated, step-by-step instructions. Useful for both beginners and advanced ceramists, the book features easy-to-understand explanations and extensive black-and-white and color illustrations of process. The book contains 400 pages and covers a wide range of clay working techniques using different clay materials. The book is used but is in very good condition. This is the second edition (1996).

Publisher's Note:
"For both beginners and advanced ceramicists, this second edition offers a step-by-step guide to acquiring practical skills in hand-, wheel- and plasterwork techniques. Contains an innovative approach to compounding glazes, along with full-color charts of clay and glaze combinations, as well as an extensive chart of frits with stains."