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Used Baby Crib and Mattress

As children grow, we must let go of baby items such as this nice crib.

It does have some scratches and that is because the original side rail was not working properly and we saw it as a hazard. After contacting the manufacturer, they did give us a replacement. However, we weren't able to do anything about the scratches. (PLEASE SEE PICTURE NO. 2 AND NO.3.

On picture NO. 3, the top rail also has a scratch, and that happened when we put the new sliding rail on…. opps.

The mattress is included and is made out of ORGANIC material.

It has a drawer that can be used to store baby items and wheels with brakes that prevent the crib from rolling away.

Currently, the crib is not being used and is fully assembled.

Overall, there is nothing wrong with this crib, it served its purpose and it's time now for a toddler bed.

It can be disassembled if the buyer prefers.

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