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Used PlayStation 3

This is a lightly used PlayStation 3 Console. The blue-ray disc inside may need to be replaced in order to play most games. The DVD player, internet browser, music folders, photo folders, and all other functions work perfectly! Comes with hook up cable. (The included cable is the power cord).

To be clear, I have only a few PS3 games. They didn't work in the system. The salesperson at the game store said that it might be the blue-ray disc that was causing the games to not play as they should. I did not investigate further. This is why I'm selling this system now. The blue-ray disc may be the issue, it may not be. Some games might work in it; just know that the few I have didn't. The issue might be that the games I have just aren't compatible with the blue-ray disc that is in the system. If that is the case then it may work with others.

Additional reminder that all other functions are working properly, even the DVD player. There are a few potential solutions online to possibly fix the issue but as I said I didn't try.

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