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Weed Eater Power Blower 2540

Weed Eater electric leaf blower and vacuum. The model is Power Blower 2540. Blow leaves or vacuum them up - great versatile blower.

I have had this leaf blower in my garage for the past few years and have never used it. I recently opened the box to test it - and it works perfectly. These items were given to me by my neighbor, but I just don't bother with sweeping grass up after I mow.

Everything still looks new, although the vacuum attachment seems a bit dusty. Overall, these items still look factory fresh and in like-new condition. A really nice electric blower, the vacuum attachment is great for creating a compost pile.

The Vacuum attachment has a cloth bag that collects leaves and other light debris (and is pictured in the front in photo). The black tubes (pictured on the right side) can be used to extend the blower exhaust, so you can hold it at arm level, yet blow close to the ground.

The electric connection is on the back of the blower, works well with any extension cord.

The instruction manual is also included but as you can see has some wear and wrinkles from being stored in the garage all these years.

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