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Whirlpool Washer and Dryer

For sale is a matching set Whirlpool washer and dryer in excellent condition.

Washer model: WTW5310SQ0
Dryer model: WED5540SQ0

We are selling them because recently decided to upgrade to front load units. This matching set washer and dryer is in excellent, almost like new condition and operate as such. The blue plastic hasn't even been removed on either the washer or dryer. All accessories are included (power cord, hose hookup etc., as seen in the photos). There is one small rust spot on top of the dryer, but other than that, this washer and dryer set is exactly as described! The pictures tell the whole story. They were originaly bought for $800+ and are less than two years old as is marked (since the date of 3 July 25th 2009 can be seen on the blue plastic of the washer and August 23rd 2009 can be seen on the blue plastic of the dryer) and have seen very little use which will be obvious upon pickup. As I have stated, this set is in perfect working condition.

The washer is 43 inches tall (ground to top of back lip by controls), 26 inches deep (left side or right side of washer. You need 3 more inches for hoses etc. so 29 inches in total) and 27 inches wide (at front of washer). I believe the washing capacity is 3.2 CuFt.

The dryer is 43 inches tall, 28 inches deep (I believe you need another 6 inches for the duct, so you will need 34 inches) and 29 inches wide. Hope that helps, I’m not sure what the capacity is of the dryer.

This washer and dryer is what I would call an ordinary set. I call it ordinary because if you want something extra ordinary then you should go by a matching set for $2000.00+ elsewhere. The washer can be a little noisy, but no more than I have ever experienced from a washer of this design/look. I say these things because I have read some review about this washer in particular and believe that people who would have bought this washer in the past where expecting way too much from this machine when other machines where available on the market for easily twice the price. Bottom line, the washer and dryer are in excellent condition and operate like new. If you are looking to change out your existing washer and dryer and need to save money, but want a matching set that will do the job and give no problems, then you have found the right set.

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